Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fun Pillowcases!

Every year I breakout the old sewing machine and stitch a couple of Christmas presents for my daughters. P.J.'s and pillowcases.Yes even at their age, they still like the pillowcases. They even make pillowcases for their friends from time to time. 

The pillowcases can be personalized  by choosing material that reflects something about the person the case is intended for, sports stuff, horse stuff, dancing stuff, pets etc...

So off I went today in search of the perfect material for this years gift. I found it too, at a local quilt shop, Cotton and Chocolate.

If you choose print material make sure you know if you have a one way print or an all over print, one way prints require more yardage. 
( photos and yardage to follow)

Here is a couple of pillow cases form past years.

This is an example of a one way print. See, the mouse would be upside down if I turned the pillow over with the blue hem to the right , so it is a one way print. This pillow case just had a hem ( the blue cat print) and no piping.

The Angles are an all over print, some are upside down some are side ways some are right side up. This pillow case also had the hem ( the red material) and  piping ( the purple)

I have included the directions if any of you should want to make some for your kids, grand kids, who ever.

(yardage for the one way print is 1 1/4 yards, noted on the paper but hard to read)
They are fun to make and fun to give!

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  1. Thanks for the pattern! Was the mice for Hank?

    You went to a real quilt store....and touched material....l u c k y!