Thursday, November 10, 2011

Crossing my fingers for Harley Girl.

~We don't get to choose the people in our lives. For us, it's all chance.~

This  quote from Black Beauty  runs through my mind every time one of my critters is ill, be it Hank the cat, Huge Jackman the Australian zebra finch or one of the bunnies. It is my responsibility to take care of these guys. And sometimes it isn't easy.

This is Harley Girl. She is our 7 year old Mini Rex doe. I think I may have written about Harley before, she is a favorite bunny around here. She is smart, and friendly, she meets me at the door of her cage every morning. She will not eat until I pet her, no matter how hungry she is.

Schultz or his brother Klink, Harley s litter form 2007
Harley was an excellent mom. If she thought there was a threat to her little ones she thumped her hind foot and the little ones piled into the nest box. Harley followed them in, then turned her back to them and faced out toward what ever it may be that was following her. "You got to go through me first, predator!"

Harley has some kind of raised growth on her side. I have been trying to treat her at home, I think mostly out of a "I don't want to know, she'll get better" mindset, and vet bills can be expensive. But yesterday that quote I told you about was ringing in my head.

So this morning I took Harley in for surgery. I worry about the stress, she isn't young, I worry what they will find, but she is depending on me, she has no choice, and really neither do I.

I love ol' Harley girl. I hope things come out ok. But what ever it is, I'll take care of her. She is a special bunny.

update: Vet just called, our Harley is gone.


  1. Sorry about your bunny friend...

  2. I was so hoping as I read this post that she would be O.K. I'm so sorry that Harley girl did not make it.

  3. Sorry for the loss. We get quite attached to our little furry friends. Have you learned what the growth was?