Monday, November 14, 2011

Intimidation...(sing to the Carly Simon song, Anticipation)

I am feeling a little of both today, Anticipation and intimidation. In my continuing quest to keep me buys now that the kids have gone...I have just joined a Mail Art Group. One of the blogs I follow, Wanda, did a post on this so I checked it out. Check out Wants blog...(BEAUTIFUL PICTURES AND I AM NOT KIDDING)

I have seen some of the groups work, it is beautiful.

Here are some images of others work, not the group I am joining. Mail Art

I have been puttering around with making cards etc for the last 5 or 6, years since my sister became a stamp it up rep.

I have always been a little crafty so lately I have branched out in my card making department. I still use stamps but add pictures form old this..

I found this kitty calender in a thrift store, brought it home and cut out the pictures, stamped the foot prints on card stock , then stitched the kitty on...

I also dig through my sewing scraps and adhere material to card stock and stitch a frame around the card, like this...

And then there is the trace, stamp stitch and make a thing to stick on technique....

I made the little ghost by folding cheese cloth around white card stock , stitched the fence rails stamped the witch traced the fence.

Anyway, I decided to join the group but...I feel like a kindergartner in college with these ladies...I know I will learn a lot, and have fun and that is the point, still, In~tim~i~dation,  la la la la la....


  1. You are joking...right, Jenean? You will fit in purrrfect! Loved the mail art I received from you over the weekend. Later today or in the morning I will post it to Mail Away! Millions of leaves are keeping me a little busy with a rake this afternoon!

    p.s. I forgot to mention, sometimes we just make postcards!

  2. If your makin' cards, could I get a Pinochle deck? :-)

  3. You really should not feel intimidated, not one bit. You have a true with it!

  4. Your work is very creative...we're going to be taking tips from you...