Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occasionally, a table.

I don't know if it is a side effect of getting older, but I am getting much more practical in my...ur...what ever age I am. If I am at the craft store and see a stamp that is SO cute,pick it up to purchase, then think, but it is a one time use kind of stamp, you know, once a year or something....not worth trying to find a place to put it....needs to be multipurpose, and put it back on the shelf.

Introducing my multipurpose side table!! Practical...Oh, I forgot to tell Lycra man I bought this..Honey, here is the side table we were talking about...I found one...(he reads my blog.)

When we have people over, I usually end up dragging the card table in from the garage and throwing a table cloth over it to hold drinks and appetizers. So I have been looking for a side table to serve this purpose.

It also holds fall color, however Hank thinks they are kitty appetizers....  see multipurpose...It is though, really look I'll show you.

Step 1, remove Hanks appetizers.

Step 2, spin the top of the table.

Step 3, open the table top.

And there you have it! A table, to play chess on or build a puzzle on. I am going to set it with my moms china for Thanksgiving. It is just Lycra Man and me this year...don't need the big dining room table, though we joke about getting out two of Lycra mans hand held ham radios and that way we could talk to each other if we did use the dining room table.

 I am pretty happy with my purchase. It was worth searching for!


  1. I love your new side table and your Fall display on it. Enjoy your intimate Thanksgiving dinner with your Mom's china next week ;)

  2. Hi Jenean
    the table is very attractive in autumn decor...I do like your timber floors...

  3. Love multi-functional items, Lois, especially in pretty furniture. Nice to see Delwyn here!