Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wapiti and friends, the four legged, Yellowstone part 6

Most of the 4 legged are timid, smart in the way of a prey animal, the know I'm there, graze along with their head toward the exit, and there fore, their rear toward my camera....

When we first arrived in Yellowstone, it was hot , 89 degrees, so everyone was up under the trees. Toward the end of the week, it had cooled down and the rut for the elk was going to start soon, so we started seeing more and more elk.

big daddy!

same guy

Some were so skittish they ran when they saw us, some, like the ones above would hang around nervously, keeping their distance, these were all over by fishing bridge.

The next  momma and calves were over by old faithful and were posing, I swear it! Kathy go a great shot of the calves when they were walking long the side of the road, between cars and people...I guess they are just used to having more people and traffic about.


Calf one

Calf 2


Next, big horned sheep...the mommas, well there were 4 of them there but they are hard to see. Turns out there was a baby there too, I just couldn't see it until I got the picture up on a computer screen.

You can see baby in this one, laying down, just his head above the rocks to the right of on guard mom and to the left of laying down mom.

baby is easier to spot in this close up, see him?

saw 4 or 5 mule deer most with fawns, but only got this ones picture. I bet baby is around here some where...

We saw about 4 prong horn antelope but ....no pic. I was driving at the time...

Tomorrow, landscapes.

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