Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gazing at Geysers , Yellowstone part 4

The majority of the worlds active geysers are in Yellowstone National park. There are four other locations in the world that have large concentrations of hydrothermal features, Chili, New Zealand, Iceland and Russia.

  • Fountain Geyser -shoot water out of a pool.
  • Cone-type geyser - erupt in a concentrated jet of water from a cone formation
  • Hot springs 
  • Fumaroles - the hottest surface feature, vent steam, no water, just steam
  • Mud pots - hydrogen sulfide rises from deep in the earth, microorganisms  convert the gas to sulfuric acid which breaks down rock into clay. Gasses escaping through the clay mud cause bubbles to pop.
OK, lecture is finished...picture time!

Hot spring, west thumb basin

don't let this happen to you! see the bones?

I wasn't kidding....close up of a fore mentioned bones.

fountain geyser

run off from hot springs

Lone-star geyser is a cone geyser, it is located between west thumb and old faithful, its a 2.5 mile hike in to see it, 5 mile round trip, nice trail along a river.

black sands basin

rainbow pool

mud pot

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  1. These are wonderful!!! I would like to go there again! I am so glad you are sharing all of your pictures.