Monday, September 2, 2013

Birds, yellowstone part 5

You knew I had to have a few pictures of birds, didn't you? Ravens all over the place, in fact there are warnings not to leave your food on pick nick tables, not because of bears , but because of ravens, they have learned how to unzip back packs and get your trail mix!

I learned there are gray jays, saw them but didn't get a pic, saw swainson's hawk , no pic, magpies, no pic, golden eagle...NO PIC... I did get a few winged friends.

A familiar feathered face, a white crowned sparrow.

Osprey fledglings in the nest in Yellowstone canyon.

Trumpeter swans on the Yellowstone river.

Mountain blue bird.

Pelicans fishing, they get in a circle and bunch up the fish and then...

bottoms up, Breakfast!

A little out of focus, it was the max for my camera, but included him anyway. Sun is rising behind me so he has a pinkish cast . We saw three of these on our trip.

Red-breasted Merganser ducks, females and or youngsters, the guys have a greenish head.

tomorrow, wapiti...

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