Friday, September 6, 2013

Grand Canyon North rim

On our way home from Yellowstone, we spent a night at the North rim of the grand canyon. had to drive in thick fog to the lodge. When we got there we couldn't see the other side of the canyon.

the fog had lifted by dinner time, we could see the thunderstorms rolling in, lightening striking the south rim as it came. The fella at the lodge said is was unusual for the clouds to be below the rim.


WE had thunder and lightening and rain most of the night, but that was cool! next morning was still overcast and scattered showers but we got a better look at the canyon.

We stayed in cabins near the lodge it was fun, If you haven't been you should go!


The lodge is build right on the rim whit a great views from the dinning room, here is a view of the lodge from the trail below.

In the the lodge I found this monument to Brighty of the Grand Canyon. I loved that story when I was a kid. There is a book and of course a Disney movie,  movie/ t.v. show, they used to show on Sunday nights , remember???

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  1. Oh my, this place was perfect! it was beautiful and relaxing.

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