Monday, September 23, 2013

Road Trip! San Juan Capistrano.

Last weekend we took a trip down to San Diego to watch the Oregon State University Beavers play a football game. Which was great fun.

Between Thousand Oaks and San Diego is Mission San Juan Capistrano, so on our way home we stopped in. If you have the time it is fun to travel the El Camino Real and visit all the missions.

The San Juan Capistrano was founded in October 30 of 1775, but then a do over, November 1st 1776 after a little uprising in San Diego. This was the seventh mission of the 21 Spanish missions in California. It is famous for the cliff swallows that used to nest there. The only swallows I saw were these out along the I-5 freeway.

There is more to this place than the birds of course...have a look.

 a Quinceanera was also taking place at the Mission.

 one of the two fountains


 St Peregrine Chapel. a baptism was going on while we were there.

 Kathy watching the Koi.

 Through the window of the chapel

 altar niches in the old stone church, destroyed in an earth quake, 1812.

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