Friday, July 29, 2011

Time Warp

Took my baby to the doctors office today. She will be starting school in the fall, need to make sure all the boosters are up to date.

We got the Rain Forest room, which is cool because my baby loves frogs and reptiles.

I don't care if they are this big and going off to kindergarten
or this big and going off to college. The worries for this mom are and were the same. 

Will she make friends?

Will she make the right kind of friends?

Will she be safe?

Will she make good decisions?

On her first day of school, she told me I could go home now and marched right into her Kindergarten classroom.

I am thinking it will be pretty much the same when we drop her at the dorms. Besides, she says, she is just a key stroke away.

some folks hate these devices, not me, it is a life line.

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  1. I'm with you on the devices, Jenean. With the younger grandkids having a cellphone, while hiking by themselves, in the woods behind the house is commforting to know they are a keystroke away. It's college time for 2 here as well.

    Your pretty daughter has a very lovely smile!