Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bit by the bread bug.

It is county fair time ! Every year I enter something, an apron, rabbits, flower arrangements, baked goods, jams. This year I just wasn't motivated. Until yesterday..deadline loom-ith I guess.

In 2007 I entered a quick bread in the county quick bread division. The bread has to have a cup of something from the list of vegetables that are grown here in our county. My eye stuck on Beets...thought, hey ...going to try that. I found a quick bread recipe and a spiced cooked beets recipe combined the two and crossed my fingers.

The bread was so ugly I almost didn't take it to the fair. The family encouraged me ( guess they were afraid I would make them eat it!) so I entered it.

First day of fair I went to the home arts department to see if I had gotten anything on my entries. I walked slowly along the shelves displaying the baked goods, the beet bread wasn't there. I walked through it again,this time from the opposite end, nope no beet bread.  I didn't think it was that bad, kind of embarrassing to have your entry tossed. I turned to go find a volunteer  and there it was, on a pedestal kind of thing, in a roped off area with a BEST IN SHOW ribbon on it. My mouth dropped open, just like a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

So I felt the tug Friday when I was re- reading the list of veggies you can use in the quick bread, carrots, I have carrots growing in my garden...hum.

Rubbed the gold seal for luck...

Looks good ....smells good.....

It would be really  nice to win another plaque.... dang... going to have to hide this so I can get some down to the fair grounds. It is a big hit here at the house...guess I already won!

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