Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's Fair Season!

Last weekend Kathy and I went up to Santa Maria to judge Rabbit showmanship at the Santa Barbara County Fair.

these 4-h kids were quizzing each other on rabbit facts out side the show ring.

These 4-H kids are waiting for their turn in the show ring.

and here is Kathy judging a group of kids showing their rabbits. She judged 30 4-H kids that day. I had about 7 FFA kids.

Last evening Kathy and I attended a 4-H rabbit project meting here in our county to help the kids practice for our county fair coming up in August.

Lets face it, we love rabbits.

Speaking of loving are the latest photos of my babies...they are 3 weeks old. Their ears are "air-planing" moving  from laying flat along their heads out to the side and then they will lop, move down against the bunnies cheeks. Until then I have a hutch full of Yoda rabbits!

See mommy in the top right of the photo, she jumps up on top of the nest box to get a break from the kids....they are eating more and more solid food, soon they won't be chasing mom around the hutch trying to nurse all the time...I am sure Tiffany is counting the days!


  1. I see that cute little gray one, actually the're all very cute!

  2. I think the air-plane stage is the cutest!!