Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Suffern' Succotash, it's summer in SoCal.

It's going to be a hot muggy day here is southern California. The paper says high of 79, I think it is a typo. Anytime the sun comes up looking like this, shining through the muggy haze, southern Californians know it will be hot and sticky. 

the critters that were out this morning, and there weren't many, were staying in the shade.

The ants get increasingly active in this weather, you must watch were you stand or you will end up with ant bites on your ankles, backs of your knees around your waist band area. We have learned to spray our shoes and socks with Off before we go out to garden.

Time to head to the patio with a book and a big glass of ice water, flavored with  lemons picked fresh this morning from our tree.

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