Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bunny toddlerhood.


Remember, I always think the present litter is the best, the cutest, the whatever, litter that we have ever had.

I can always tell when the baby rabbits (2 weeks old here) gain their hearing. They pile in the back of the box as soon as they hear my voice...I try not to take it personally. After all in their short little lives, I am a huge, loud thing that picks them up somewhat like a raptor would....

Curiosity usually gets the best of one of them....usually the first one out of the nest box, and this little one was, usually there first one to say, Hey mom, what is that stuff in the dish there?? and this one was.
Usually the jumpiest of the litter and this one is...this one is looking good to me, see the width between it's eyes??

Here is the back of Mom bunny's head. She always does a bed check after I look at her babies. She is such a good mom. She still has all 6 offspring and they are growing like crazy !  They are the best ____________________________ (fill in the blank) litter we have ever had!

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  1. Your bunnies are so very cute, Jenean...especially that gray one! I was just looking at babies too earlier...the baby Tree Swallows in the field nesting box...5 or 6 of them!