Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Well, I don't know...

Here it is ..my first attempt at drawing on the i pad. Me and Hank, he only looks at me this way when his food bowl is empty... Not bad I guess....I'll keep trying , I can always revert to the old fashion way, papyrus and quills, if this doesn't work.  (I cheated on the flowers...just wanted to let you know...don't want to mislead anyone...)

so far no broken resolutions...well, as far as the blog is concerned...made it through one day...yeah!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. No many toys, no little time to play.

    May the new year be filled with dreams coming true.

  2. Good job!! 1 for 1....I didn't even make any so I would have fewer to break!
    Happy New Year!