Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Enraptured with Raptors and a shore bird in a bare tree.

I have learned to pay attention to the crows when I take my walks in the park. If they are squawking and wheeling and dive bombing, then some sort of interesting critter is present. Sometimes it is Wile E Coyote, looking rather miffed that his stealthy cover has been blown buy the annoyingly loud birds.

Toady it was a snowy egret, sitting in the top of a tree! I didn't know they could sit in tress...don't know why it never occurred to me ,but it didn't.

Here it is with one of its exuberant heralds...

better angle.

Across the park, a second group of crows was diving at an oak tree, such behavior I have learned means raptor...usually a hawk, and it was...

Ah, the paparazzi

These crows are driving me nuts, would you leave already so I can fly???

and that is what he did when I started to walk away with the squawking crows following in his wake.


  1. amazingly wonderful pictures! Crows make great watch dogs.

    1. I was Lucky it was such a well mannered bird....I like crows...I love to watch them play in the wind.

  2. You and your new camera are doing well together!! We have ravens here. The Raven Lovin' days are the windiest....