Sunday, January 27, 2013

Off the beaten path.

America is famous for its car culture, California may be the most famous in this regard.I have driven a stretch of the 101 through Camarillo for years , yesterday I saw sunlight glinting off a tower,what's that? Don't remember seeing that before, could be I noticed it this time as I was a passenger, not the driver for once. Lycra Man and I went to investigate, we found an Eastern Orthodox Church...

I have a friend that attends the Greek orthodox church at the Camarillo air port, I am thinking this may be their old building...I'll have to ask her.


It was a nice detour to be sure.


  1. It looks like a pretty building. Great lines..

    We have a lot of Russian Orthodox up here, but I am not familiar with the Eastern.

    1. I looked it up, they are the same. Just switch out to eastern for Greek, Russian, and a list I can't remember any more.