Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fine Featherd Friends.

We have gone from huddled under a blanket on the couch at the beginning of the week, to having the sliders open today, expected high 80 degrees...wind is still blowing , the air is dry and I keep getting zapped when I reach for things.

I could hear the birds making a racket at the feeder.


I decided to show you who came calling this morning..

These two clean up the seeds on the ground the little birds kick out of the feeder. Mister and Mrs. Mallard.

Oregon Junco

House finch

White Crown sparrow in the back ground, field sparrow in the fore ground (I think), it could be an immature white crowned sparrow too.

Lesser gold finch

Scrub Jay

we have lift off!

not pictured ...a wren, a rufous sided towhee and a black phoebe, they were to camera shy...or I was just to slow...


  1. Wonderful variety. I'm not sure I would welcome those ducks. They leave a rather large thank you gift.

  2. In the 80's for real?! No wonder all of those birds want to come visit! Love the colors of the blue jay.

  3. I have noisy birds at the feeder, but NOT your warm temps. It's 26* here..may drop to 6* tomorrow night!