Monday, January 21, 2013

Coffee ladies go hiking

The coffee ladies hike, I usually do not participate as I am an ambler. Today,  Marie and I tagged along with our cameras...well she has a camera, I have an Instamatic...

Marie brings out the big guns!

 We were at Corral Canyon State park just east of Malibu. We are going that-a -way.

the road we traveled to get here...and the ocean, and Catalina island.

Back to the ocean...Thousand Oaks is to the left in this picture.

Hidden picture time...can you see T-Rex?

 Mountain bikers

 someone forgot where they parked...

 The coffee ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, off to lunch at Malibu Seafood...

yes it is January

 yes it is 80 degrees..... saw two dolphins too...great day in the Sun!


  1. Nice scenic pictures, Jenean. Good one of T-Rex too!

  2. It looks like a wonderful Walkabout! Isn't the 80' unusual for January even in S Cal?