Monday, August 22, 2011

Walking and thinking...I can do both at the same time!

I love my morning walks, it gives me time to think, and reflect.

Today I was thinking about topics a couple of blogs I follow were discussing. One was about following your dreams,city girl moves to Oz land ,one was about being true to your self...San Diego Momma

Words are so limiting sometimes, I think these are one and the same, being true to yourself and following your dream.

Must be the change of season, you all know I am in the philosophical mode.

 Sometimes the things we have to do in life as well as the things we think we have to do can distract us from or our true self, our dreams. 

A dream with out direction.

a dream with out adaptation

someone else's dream for us.

We only get so many days on the face of the planet. What I have been asking myself is how do I want to spend them. What is worth my time, and effort?

I think that is what my blogging friends are doing, looking with new eyes, seeing who they really are.

and then lifting off.

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