Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spending time with the rabbits

Sunday is our cage cleaning day in the rabbitry.

We compost the rabbit droppings and add them to our garden spot and our flower beds. Rabbit pooh is high in nitrogen, so it really helps pour soil, you know, we have the kind of dirt they make bricks out of, well ok , adobe out of.

We also take the time to bring bunnies over to the grooming table here. We check their nails and trim them if they are too long. If they are molting we brush their coats to remove the loose fur.

Rabbits groom like cats, but  ,unlike cats, they can not throw up fur balls. Fur balls in the rabbits stomach can lead to life threatening problems. Brushing their coats and making sure they have plenty of hay and water helps avoid that problem.

Which leads to happy bunny's!
Klink is in a heavy molt. I got this hand full of fur this evening AFTER we brushed him this morning.

Tangelo, with his hay and a pine cone to toss around for fun.

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