Wednesday, August 17, 2011

High Anxiety.

You all ready know I am anxious about the youngest child going off to University.

We had breakfast together this morning after her blood test. She wants to try out for the women's crew team at Oregon State, they require a physical .  

On my scale of  things to be anxious about on this day ...this one is low...

Higher on the scale today is finding homes for my baby bunnies.

I am pretty picky about who gets my bunnies. I do not like selling a bunny and then seeing it listed on Craig's list a month or two later. If I don't think you will take care of it, it isn't going to you.

I am not the hard hearted rabbit person some animals rights folks talk about. On the other hand...I am not quite as gushy as some folks in the house rabbit society either.

My guys are in cages, large cages, but cages none the less. Some Folks have a problem with that. I hear over and over again. I just let them run in the back yard, can't stand the thought of them in a cage...ok, your choice.

I have Wile E Coyote parading through my back yard as well as, raccoons, possums, owls and hawks. Oh, and the neighbors dog who periodically jumps the fence to come visit.

I can not tell you how many calls I get form folks who have 30 rabbits living loose in their yards and have to move and don't want them to go to the shelter and please can 4-H help.

So that is medium level little guys going to new homes.

The big one today however, was, the dentist.


Not the dentist personally...I hate going to the dentist. I have insurance, I am lucky, I just hate to go. It's been 3 years....

Everything was OK, no cavities. I am really going to try to go every six months ...
I am.

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  1. 3 years girl?! And everything was ok? Wow, you're lucky. My hubby and I go every 6 mths, and I HATE going (as does he) but our insurance pays for it, so we do. Sometimes though, I just feel like dentists are out to make a buck, and they are always finding at least one thing wrong that they MUST fix, be it a cavity or crown issue. Yeah, there ain't gonna be any more crowns going into this mouth - got my first one right after I moved to KS. NOT FUN.

    Ok off my soapbox. But I do think they're just trying to make a buck - at the expense of my anxiety levels of course. LOL