Friday, August 26, 2011

Pondering art in the park.

Five days a week I walk in the local city park. Half of the park is trees and grass and squirrels and coyotes, you have seen them here.

Half of the park is taken up by three buildings, The Teen Center, The Senior Center and the City Library. Located in  these areas are three statues and or works of art.

This one I get, it is in the pond in the park, it looks like the fountain

This one startled me one day when the guy on the bench to the right reading the paper turned the page...I know, there is no guy there ...but he was ...fooled me. 
This statue between the senior center and the teen center. It is a dad , a son and a grandpa...makes sense.

The next one is outside the children's entrance to the library and it puzzles me ...

OK . Could be ~ reading opens a window into other worlds~ but think like a sixth grader from here on out...children's entrance and all...


thumb's up for reading?


Ok my momma raised me right . I can not leave you with this image the last thing you see on this post.

Last flowers of summer... natures work of art.

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