Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday morning .

Ah, a lazy, overcast, cool, morning here at Casa Bass...

  • Lycra man off on a 100 mile bike ride ~ Check
  • Kathy at the horse barn ~ Check
  • Hank fed ~  Check  ( are you kidding, my ankles would be hamburger if this was not checked, Hank has claws and he knows how to use them)
  •  Blue Heron shooed off the roof ~ Check  ( he always looks surprised that I know he is up there, it only sounds like a tree fell on the house when he lands, herons are big birds)
  • Koi fed ~ Check
  • Rabbits fed ~ Check
  • Laundry started  ~  _________
You my notice the last item is not checked off... I really needed to take my moring walk first so...

  • Morning walk ~ Check
Balloons in the park!

  • Water the garden and ~  Check
look what I found!
going to go make a chocolate zucchini cake...then I'll do the laundry... maybe,
Have a good day ~ Check!

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