Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wait a minute Mister Post man!

I cut this story form the paper today, yes, I still read the newsprint kind. I still read books too, no on line e books yet...they are temptingly cheap, uh, less expensive.

The story made me think of my old roomie in Alaska. I have spoken of her here before.

She received an I pad for Christmas, she was having some issues with her social media chat not working so we were trying to figure it out, over chat, thousands of miles apart. She thinks I might know something as I received an I pad for my birthday last month. All that means is I have had my I pad a month longer than she has had hers.

As we were searching around to find answers to the I pad's issues, she some how found that we have shared over 9000 chats and messages over the year, yes year, 0ne, we have been on, er, the social media, thing.

I love the instant contact this media provides, my roomie can be a part of my day almost everyday, but I don't have a physical thing to hold, like the newsprint paper, of our chats.

I think I will start sending her little things. She is going to know all my "news" but a little note or card landing in the P.O. box up in Nome would be fun too.

Did you ever stop to think, how would Ken Burns ever have made his documentary of the Civil War without letters, written and sent.

Got to go find some stamps, bye for now!


  1. I have saved almost every letter that I was ever sent and adore opening up an old letter to be reminded of the sweet memories! You are right, the instant isn't quite the same, but I do enjoy "seeing you" just about every day!

  2. While I love the ability to have an instant exchange with a family member or friend, there is still nothing quite like getting an hand-written letter in the mailbox.

  3. The next few days will find me making mail art for you and the others, Jenean. I am so far behind...having been sick and with Christmas and now New Year celebrations with family, but... watch your mail box!