Friday, December 9, 2011

A post per request.

My brother has requested a post. He is afraid the post button on my blog has grown rusty. So here you go brother, it was fun!
Oh yes, my brother has started blogging too, check out his blog.

What I have been up too, and why cobwebs inhabit my blog, as requested, via sticky me.

Been doing the usual, walking in the park, running to the various places of business to keep this out fit running.

Been sewing, trying to get the stuff done in time. I discovered sewing with the foot pedal resting on the wood floor is different than resting on the carpeted floor....( it slides) Yipes...need spell check on my focused on the drawings I guess, ya that's my story...

I have been pretty busy in floral design class. Last night we decorated a Private residence...heavy arrangements. Of course I forgot my camera, here are some blurry cell phone photos for you! flowers+ floral foam + water + HEAVY

Getting the house ready for the holidays and the return of the queens...the daughters..  :)

I have been really enjoying the Mail art group I have joined. I get really creative mail for m Alabama, Florida, the UK , Ohio and Australia.

  I have been really happy this year, with the photo classes, the floral design class, this blog and my wonderful drawings. I had been missing the ability to create. So... if there is something out there you want to it, give yourself that gift this coming year. 

Going to get off my soap box now, it's shaky up here.


  1. Perfect Sister! You made the weekend. <3

  2. Love the drawings, Jenean and the mail art I received several days ago...I promise to post it soon...I don't have a brother to remind me("ya that's my story!") : )

  3. You have been busy! Love catching up with your through your wonderful drawings...they always make me smile. Welcome to your the wonderful world of blogging :)