Friday, December 2, 2011

It's been a busy week since Thanksgiving!

I visited a local wholesale flower outlet with a friend of mine yesterday, coolers full of beautiful flowers!

Hanging amaranths
  Tuberose, these smell sooooo good.

These poinsettias were at least four feet tall.

Still going on my morning walks. 

  I took this picture on my walk so you could see we do get some Christmas colors here! Speaking of Christmas, we have been getting ready for a Christmas open house in my floral design class all week. The students make centerpieces and wreaths to be sold at the open house. Here I'll show you.

That is our Teacher getting ready to hang some ornaments on the tree. She had us pair up, as we are newbies and needed to turn out a number of creations.

This is my new friend and partner, Gina, an amazing lady, but more of that later. She is working on our third arrangement we created together.

This is what #3 looked like when we were done.

Arrangement  #2, isn't he cute!

Our wreath we made, hot glue is hot you all...just saying.

These are the arrangements that the kids in the class made, remember most of our class is made up of high school kids. Our teacher then had the kids rearrange the tables and place the arrangements in  categories. We had winter wonderland, woodsy and Santa areas set up.

winter wonderland

Going to be the Santa's

So Last night Lycra Man I and I attended the open house, he could finally put faces to the names he has been hearing. I had him pick out a center piece and we purchased it and took it home.

( happened to be design by Gina and Jenean #1)


You all though I was kidding about the arrangement eating cat didn't you!


  1. I would love to go to a flower arrangement class...It looks like fun and then you have then end result to admire.
    Will it last with the irascible putty cat...

  2. I've never seen such tall poinsettias... I bet the lovely wreath you made sold quickly.

  3. All your creations are wonderful! What a fun class it must be. I have never seen poinsettias that tall but sure would love to have some around my fireplace at Christmas.