Monday, December 12, 2011

Rainy Monday morning.

We have rain in Southern California today! It woke me up last night. Lycra man put a bucket under our downspout to keep the run off from carving the grand canyon in your lawn.

Here is his hat, drying off.

Drops in the pool.

Yesterday , I was wondering around in the yard and noticed our pomegranate tree. We had a bumper crop this year.

 The nasturtiums and Jupiter's beard love this time of year. In the summer they shrivel up to almost nothing.

We waited to decorate the house til yesterday when our youngest daughter could help. She loves to decorate for Christmas. Here is our yuletide creation greeting our neighborhood this year.

We also brought home our tree. Kathy as pretty excited about that. She was 2 years old the last time we had a real tree.  Buying an artificial tree was a hard thing to do, both Lycra man and I are from Oregon, I grew up surrounded by Christmas tree farms. We couldn't get fresh down here, the extremely dried out trees made me nervous. When I learned my old roomie in Alaska gets a fresh tree every year form the lower 48 , I decided...what the heck.

We put the lights and my birthday present ornament on, we will finish decorating when our oldest daughter gets home. I pick her up at the airport today!!!


He says he wasn't going to eat it , he was just going to taste it.

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  1. I love your Yuletide creation! Very clever. How exciting for you to have a real tree this year and to have your girls home for Christmas. Nice birthday present too by the way :)