Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday morning in the park.

It was a frosty morning in the park, a big change form our 80 degree weather earlier this week.

Just a few leaves left on the trees. We are supposed to get winds today so they may be gone soon.

An American Robin! I only hear or see these guys in the spring or fall/winter. I grew up with them, they were very common in Oregon, now I get really excited when I hear or see one, they aren't so common to me anymore!

Another winter visitor to our area is the American wigeon, see the two drakes swimming towards us. They have white stripes down their center of their heads and a bluish tint to their bills. Their call remind me of a squeaky toy rubber duck!

I don't know what the name of these are, but they have been blooming since August and are still going strong.

A hidden picture! These roots look like deer antlers, or a big brown spider...I prefer deer antlers...what do you see?


  1. You have a very pretty park to walk in, Jenean! I believe the flowers are Gaillardia, commonly called Blanket flowers and yes thsoe branches look like broken deer antlers! Did you know squirrels eat the antlers they find on the ground?

  2. What a lovely walk you had through a beautiful park. So nice to see that you still have some colour popping up from those flowers.