Monday, October 3, 2011

One sweet lady

This is my friend Lori. We live a bout a half a mile apart, but rarely see each other any more. Life gets busy you know. So I was really glad when Lori suggested we have lunch.

Lori and I met when her youngest and my oldest were in 6th grade. We were Girl Scout leaders together.

Well, Lori led, the girls and I followed. She is one of those people that does nothing half way. She is amazing.

We took the girls camping.

Lori taught them how to cook in a dutch oven over coals, how to tie 10 different knots, how to start a fire and boil water in a paper cup in three minuets.

We took the girls on archaeological digs.

We took the girls in to L.A. to work on a rose parade float.

As with all things , the troop ended, the girls were involved in many other activities. I would see Lori at the high school sometimes when we were picking up the girls, then the girls got their licenses so...

Now my friend has become an extremely accomplished baker and maker of beautiful cakes. (click on the thumb nail photos to the left to see her cakes.)

 She is quite an amazing person and I am so glad she is my friend. Check out her blog

Thanks for Lunch Lori, and continued good luck to a sweet lady!


  1. Alivia just joined Girl Scouts last week, they went camping (in cabins) Saturday!

  2. Wow! I wish I had that much that talent!

    Nice post!