Friday, October 21, 2011

Floral Design Field Trip!!!

The floral design class took a field trip to a design wear house ( the Home Depot of floral design) and a Garden center...whats such a big deal about a garden center you ask... well it was in Orange county California...folks shopping in expensive clothes and fancy cars....and this garden supply place knows how to draw them!!!

Hope you enjoy the trip! If you click on a picture it will enlarge...

isles and isles of vases, ribbon, etc etc etc.

the following end caps were made by designers to sort of hint what is available in that particular isle.

What trip would be complete with out ~ a coffee lady???

Claire...doing her Queen Frosting of Candy-land fame, impersonation...

I am not kidding you... we saw a two foot high topiary for sale for $750.00. We were walking around holding our purses close because we did NOT want to knock an ornament off a tree or anything else as far as that goes!


 Yep, still in the garden center...they had a big hunted house thing.

 $300.00 for the rock owl...get carving guys!

Beautiful orchid.
Check it out yourself. It really was a beautiful place...looking was free and fun!

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  1. You had a busy and sightful day, Jenean, My mother once took a floral design course....I still have some old slides of the designs somewhere.