Friday, September 23, 2011

Critter Sitter

This is my friend Ann, or was my friend Ann, I think she is still my friend Ann...I hope she is still my friend Ann.

Ann took care of my mini zoo while I was taking my daughter off to college.

Following is a sample of the directions I left for Ann, I think you will understand my questioning the level of our friend ship after you read it.


  • If the temp is 85 degrees turn the fans on. To turn the fans on plug in the extension cord in the garage, that gets the 3 on the hutches  going, to get the 2 by the gate you have to manually turn them on.
  • If the temperature is 90 degrees you need to turn on the misters. First turn OFF the fans. The hose is connected to the misters but not the spigot. You have to remove the bottle filling adaptor from the spigot to attach the hose. don't turn the water on too strong or it will blow the hose of the misters and you have water going everywhere. If you don't turn the water on enough there is not enough peruse to get the misters going.
  • the handle on  water bottle adaptor on the spigot is broken so you have to turn the water on and of at the spigot.
  • some of the rabbits are in a heavy molt. I put  * by their name, if they do not eat their food give them a hunk of dried papaya and a hand full of hay.
  • Watch out for Marco Polo , he bites.

  • The Koi food is on the Patio, they need a full scoop a day. Make sure the lid is on tight, the raccoons like to try to get in it.
  • I noticed the water fall is running slow, that usually means the filters are full of algae and I of course do not know how to clean them...Lycra Mans Job. So if the water fall stops you need to turn off the pumps or they will burn up. To tun of the pumps you need to go into the spider infested little brown building to the left of the pond. Switches to turn off the pumps are way in the back..of course.

  • his food is on the counter

  • His food is on the counter.( his food is not Hugh Jackman!) You may not see Hank at all when you come, if the food disappears that means he is there. 
  • don't worry if his water bowl is surrounded by a huge puddle. he digs the water out before he drinks...don't know why, its a Hank thing.
So my Friend Ann did all of this every morning for 6 days. She checked back every evening too. She brought in the mail and the paper and rolled out the trash, recycle and yard waste bins. I didn't ask her to do that, thought she had enough to take care of.

I am lucky to have a friend like Ann.

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