Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Duck soup

Well there was a ruckus in the park where I take my morning walks this week. There is a Pond...a man made pond, that needs to be drained and cleaned every year.

so what is the uproar you ask...well it is these guys...

they can't fly, so the ladies that walk in the park catch them and take them away in dog crates. When the pond is full of water again they return them.

well this year they couldn't catch two of park walking friend and
I figured no big deal...there is a creek, a real creek, about 100 yards away.

We figured they could waddle down there...we have both seen them down there in the summer when it gets really hot. We figure if Wiley e coyote gets them or Wiley e human..well that is the circle of life..circling.

so today we were a little alarmed when we saw this...

yipe, that don't look right...but hey we were the circle of life girls....we decided to investigate
  Double yipe, not looking good, but hey no feathers, no...urr...body or blood for that matter...


Martha thinks we both need new glasses...


  1. I would have been alarmed too...looked like the real thing!

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