Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spending the morning with a Snowy Egret.

Well, today's story is NOT at the pond in the park, it was at the creek. On my first lap around the park I noticed a Snowy Egret perched at the top of a sycamore tree by the creek, on my second pass, he was down in the creek fishing.

 I watched him move along slowly. He seemed to be checking his footing, like maybe he was unsure of his footing ( you have my permission to snort derisively here) I know...a wading bird unsure of its footing...

After watching a while, I figures out it was jiggling its foot to scare up its breakfast.

See the rings it is creating as it shakes it foot underwater.

I set the camera on continuous shoot to try to get a shot of the egret catching something. He caught 4 somethings, and I got a lot of pictures like this..

I know, not even the bird is in the picture..

So you will just have to trust me , that in the half hour I watched him and the119 pictures I took  
 ( thank goodness for digital) he did catch 4 or 5 things for breakfast.

beautiful bird.

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