Thursday, March 28, 2013

Snake eyes.

Here in Southern California, spring time can mean baby rattlesnake time. So when I looked out the slider and saw this on the patio, I was concerned.

 Then, of course, Hank spied it, he and the snake engaged in a, meet-me-at-high noon stand off, Hank on one side of the screen door the snake, flicking its tongue and bobbin its head, on the other. Cue theme song form the Good Bad and the Ugly, here.

Me, being a good cat momma, yelled at him...


 So I decided I should find out if, in fact, this was a baby rattlesnake, or as Kathy said, a snake trying really hard to LOOK like a rattlesnake.

Mean while, back at the screen door, the snake is moving TOWARD the house..

Now, I watch the nature show, I know I am supposed to leave the thing out the garage door I go with my camera and a rake... 

I took a few photos, then came back inside and googled rattlesnakes

OK, lets see now...So, baby snakes do not have a rattle...need to look close to see if they have a thing called a button...

Well, can't tell from here, get any closer and I'll get bit in the face, I think...ok, next.

Head is larger than the body...

Don't think the head is large, but don't think and venomous snakes are not a good combination... what else.

Rattlesnakes have oval shaped eyes...ok....your kidding right...oh wait I can zoom in and see if ...

Hah! a round I am ...pretty sure...this is not a baby rattlesnake. However, it is still coming toward the house, so out I go again with the trusty rake, don't worry , I just herded it away from the the house.

Hank was not amused.



  1. Wow, you're so brave!
    I really do not like snakes and luckily, where I live, I rarely see any.


  2. Yikes! A good thing about Alaska snakes!