Sunday, April 21, 2013

Take a liking to a viking...

Lycra man went off to the wilds of L.A. with is friend JC to ride the Cyclavia. So I took myself off the the Scandinavian Festival At California Lutheran University here in town.

 The viking village, something for everyone..

 Weaving for the womenfolk

 weapons for the menfolk

 Had to take this picture for the youngest daughter. It is the symbol for Loki..I was noticing ho much like Celtic design this is then, had my doho! moment...the vikings invaded...or visited as the fellow insisted, Ireland. I remember a tour buss driver in Dublin saying the best thing the vikings brought with them was trousers...

 see, viking dogs below...tones of onion!

 No lutefisk...but they were singing about it on the main stage.

 don't have a clue certainly isn't curling, not on a day like today.

Only think I could think of was "whats in your wallet?"

 Nordic wear


 I don't know what it is called, sounded some what like a fiddle, but see the lever key things on the side?

Wreath making

 I think I found the ABBA Girlz

 Swedish pancakes with lingonberry and whipped cream...yum!

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