Monday, January 23, 2012

Walking in the rain with a camera in hand.

The rain has finally come to Southern California! Not a whole lot, almost a cruel joke in some ways. I know in some places north of here, they are having lots of rain. Like may mom used to say, too 'nough or too none.

a rain wreath

Rainbow fish

Me in a rain bubble, floating on a puddle.

Close up.

Street light reflecting makes the street looks like it is paved in gold

Rain on the moon roof

When I was little, I was afraid of puddles like this, I could not see the street, I was afraid they were bottomless and if I stepped in I would go down ,down, down, forever.


  1. Sorry you did not get as much rain as you needed but you certainly got some great shots. Love the one of the street light's reflection

  2. Brilliant photography, I especially like the puddle series, they would make great prints to sell on Etsy or somewhere like? I've been to Oregon - I'm thinking now about it. Glad for you your sis has been to stay, there's nothing like family, and those old pics! Wonderful too.