Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This and that and how my mind goes off on a tangent

First the this and that... we attended a beer tasting get together a friend of ours who is  a home brewer held. While Lycra Man was visiting with fellow tasters, it was discovered the fellow taster  had a koi pond...Well ,we have  a koi pond too says Lycra Man, really says the taster, ya says Lycra man, you want a fish? (remember it was a beer tasting...event, lots of beer tasting ) Ya says the taster, I'll take a fish.

Which lead to this...

Koi Wrangling!
~after much laughing and splashing, we did catch one, so our friends went home with a new koi, and Hugh Jackman, my Australian Zebra finch. That was a surprise. I learned, as were were trying to round up the fish, our friends had an Avery with zebra finches, so I thought Hugh might like company and room. I am surprised how much I really miss the little guy. I hope he is ok.

Been playing with flowers...Hank loves this buffet arrangement...

Now, how my mind goes off on a tangent..

On my walk this morning I saw this...

Thought pops into my mind, hey the gear that makes the world turn...and then this whole story followed.
Old gray haired lady picks up gear , this would cause the world to stop turning, but not like b putting on the brakes you know, nor friction in space, so it would slow down the scientist would notice this and it would be clear  this is a problem so we should make sure that the country we live in shouldn't end up on the dark side of the world or on the side facing the sun...need to end up in permanent twilight, there for we need to figure out a way to manipulate the positioning , other countries figure that too and then off we go...

ok so there ya go, tangent.


  1. I'm sure Hugh Jackman is doing fine with his new buddies. Maybe he can come back to visit once in awhile. Those tulips are gorgeous. BTW, did *old gray haired lady* pick up that gear? Just wondering 'cause we are getting a whole mixed bag of weather here today and if *she* did, perhaps *she* should put it back. LOL

  2. And what a wonderful one! I was laughing like a drain. Off now to play 'Dark Side of the Moon' one of my faves which I dedicate to you, funny lady!