Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reap what the whirlwind sows.

In the course of human relations, there are lazy, easy summer days.
Quick and loud cloudburst with silver linings,
But when the eddies begin to rise and swirl,
Spinning trash,
Blowing dust in my eyes,
Threaten to leave me
Like a plastic shopping bag
Snared in the high branches,
It is time to click my heels together
Three times.
I will not,
Be caught,
In your,


  1. ditto! too much of this kind of stuff blowin about. should be banned dont you think. typing one handed cos old cat decided to drape himself over left arm.

  2. I dread seeing the spring cleanup we will have to do...the wind has been fierce here a few times lately too!

  3. Good for you. Hoping this whirlwind blows away without causing too much damage to those who choose to get caught up in it. Keep clicking those heels!