Sunday, January 29, 2012

More this and that, seems that is all I do anymore!

Took myself and 12 rabbits over the hill to a rabbit show in Bakersfield...remember these two  from a previous post? Tiffany and Gigi?

Mom and daughter , well they did it again, Gigi won best of breed in the first show, Tiffany won best of breed in the second show.

 I was playing with flowers again, trying out things, here is the result, a boutonniere, I kind of like It.

and last but not least, my latest magnetic word thing....

ok that is it for now, got to go refill the feeder!


  1. We have had words on the fridge since the kids were little. I started posts several times with the pictures, but never made it to the published fridge art yet. Need to hit that button still!
    Congrats on the bunnies!

  2. Congrats! Those bunnies are so adorable! I'd love to have a bunch of rabbits some day. I found your blog by searching "profiles" and typing in "rabbits". Most of my blog is about my rabbit, Ruby, and my guinea pig, Wheaky. We can all be found at:


    we hope you stop by and visit us!

  3. Congrat with your bunnies at the show, they look beautiful :)

  4. Hail oh multi talented multi tasking blogger lady, I salute you and your bunnies ♥ and how did you get them to wear coronets?

    1. Lizzie, it is the magic of ye old Photoshop! No way would Tiffany, on the left, sit still for a crown on her head...Gigi might...

  5. Their cute names suit them so well, Jenean!

  6. Congratulations to Tiffany and Gigi...what a great team this mother and daughter make! I think your boutonniere is lovely as is your latest magnetic word art.