Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk...but is that really how you want to cook your dinner?

It was rather warm here in our fair city ...

It brings to mind a quote, "Horses sweat, men perspire, women merely glow."

Let's just say I am glowing, no need for the desk lamp...

It is on an evening like this that a clever Hause Frau makes good use of her frying pan and her microwave. And a really good cook book doesn't hurt either.

I have been cooking out of this book for about a year now, I recommend it wholeheartedly!

tonight's fare...

click to enlarge


the secret is in the chipolte seasoning.....

add the BBQ sauce, cut with water, simmer...

Microwave some corn on the cob and broccoli, cut up a tomato from the garden, toss a salad, pop a top off a beer and....


Now isn't that better than some ol' egg mixed up with sidewalk grit and old gum!


  1. I love Cooking Light magazine. I’ve peeped around your blog and found it very interesting.
    I”m a follower now.


  2. I have a few of their magazines, which I like. Chipolte sauce is one of my favorite garnishes, a touch improves almost everything!