Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dinner and a movie

Earlier this week the coffee ladies went to see the movie The Help.  After the movie we went for dinner at a local pub.

We discussed the clothes and cars and kitchens in the movie, we liked that part.

We didn't like the social pressure in the bridge club junior league set.  We know everyone wants to fit in.

We all knew we would rather spend time with Celia Foote from Sugar Ditch, than any of the other ladies.

One of the coffee ladies said she was happy she found us. Someone to drink lemon drop martinis and munch M & M's with , someone to play bunco, the modern day bridge, with, in jeans, flip flops and a tank top.

You and I know the junior league still exist, and they don't usually let people like the coffee ladies and me play. Lets just say none of us could keep a manicure for more than 1 hour.

I raise rabbits, another coffee lady designed and built her own chicken coop, another one is a rock climber, another was a diver for the coast guard. All of them would help you at the drop of a hat should the need arise.

Yes the coffee ladies and I are from the island of misfit toys, but I would rather be from that island than anywhere else.

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