Friday, June 17, 2011

What me, the garden, the coopers hawk and Lycra man have been up to.

Here he is...Lycra Man...I don't have a picture of Lycra Man sans try to imagine no beard...also try to imaging driving to Colorado to ride in a week long bike ride, starting Sunday, and it is very cold where you are going and you are wearing Lycra...shorts... so that is what Lycra man is up to.

Daddy coopers hawk has his hands full this fathers day weekend, as junior here has left the nest today...pretty amazing watching the parents shadow their offspring as he flies or falls toddler like, from tree to tree.

I have been playing with my paints...making a chalkboard work of "art" for the oldest daughter who is moving into a new apartment isn't finished yet...but coming along...oldest daughter, cover your eyes!

The Holly Hock finally bloomed. This is a volunteer that comes back every year. I planted a beautiful maroon holly hock about 6 years ago it never came back, this is it's off spring ...although a different color. I have tried planting others since then but have no luck so I am happy with my volunteer Holly Hock.

Yeah! a baby pumpkin!!!

a hand full of peas!!!

and an almost red tomato!!!

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