Thursday, June 30, 2011

The same but only different = change

Callahan Hall Oregon State University
Twenty nine years and nine months ago my mom and dad dropped me at this hall with my laundry basket full of record albums, my portable stereo and a suitcase. This past week I was staying in this dorm complex once again with my youngest daughter.

We were on campus for Orientation for fall term. She will be the third generation to attend OSU in our family.

Old Benny Beaver sort of Walt Disney-esk

New Benny Beaver sort of wolverine-esk

Walking around campus was kind of like seeing an old find after much time has passed, they look pretty much the same, but with changes.

Youngest daughter had a great time and is really looking forward to starting school in the fall.

she made some new friends....

And returned home to her true blue old friends.

Mean while, back at the Ranch...

The tomatoes turned red.

The baby bunnies doubled in size!

and Hank is continually lecturing me on my absence, he feels it was totally uncalled for.

as he blocks my every move toward an outside door....

all systems normal.

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