Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An end of an era.

On memorial day weekend I joined many of my fellow Americans at furniture stores. We did our best Goldilocks imitation and tested the room full of mattresses to find the one that was j-u-s-t-r-i-g-h-t.

I was on the hunt for  a new mattress...the one we have now is ,well , rather old.  What did I spy in the corner of the store? A bed. A bed that looked kind of nice, it had a nice big head board that Lycra man could lean against when he reads at night, something our futon bed, purchased from a hippie dude in Eugene Oregon in 1987 did not have, and it was on SALE.

Throw that on the truck with the mattress, I told the sales lady.

It has taken us some years to replace the plastic tables from target that served as nightstands, the chairs I scavenged from the restaurant where I waited tables, our salvation army couch and chair.

On Saturday our last piece of graduate school furniture will be replaced.  Now what?

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