Monday, June 20, 2011

Getting Wonky with the Wabbits!

In the rabbitry this morning I found, right on time, six brand new baby rabbits wiggling the fur their mom had piled up on top  of them to keep them warm.

Baby rabbits are born blind, deaf and with out fur. So mom pulls fur from her body and covers up her little ones in the nest box.

I am always excited when we have baby rabbits, I am doubly excited and curious about this litter. This is our first attempt at Line Breeding.

Basically, you breed Rabbit #1, in our case, Milo here,


to rabbit #2 Tiffany,


From their litter, group 3,second generation, you select the best offspring to breed back to the dam and/or sire, that is rabbit #3. In our case we picked Magellan to breed back to Tiffany.


So now we have group #5, third generation.

Tiffany and her little ones

I am really looking forward to watching these little guys grow.

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  1. From Father's Day right into a Mother's Day post! We always have a few wild rabbits running around the field...completely different look to them though!