Monday, March 25, 2013

Birds, books, breaks and hidden pictures

It is spring break here in the Conejo Valley. Lots of dads and small ones at the park this morning. Feeding ducks, riding scooters, swinging on the swings. It is nice to see.

I strolled on over to the pond, was going to try to catch birds in flight...low and be hold yet a another new-for-me duck in the pond!

Eurasian Wigeon

American wigeon
I guess they visit the east and west coast from time to time.Usually found in flocks of the American wigeon, like the fellow above.

So I took lots of pictures so I could come home and figure out what I was seeing.  I added new apps to the iPhone and iPad for bird ID.

but they are not easy to uses, as in, you have to know the birds first, middle,  last name and social security number before you can find it. Well ok not that bad, but still....I am a bird nerd but not this nerdy, search by family??? Name??? I want to know its name for heavens sake. 

So I take photos and come home and open up this battered , page falling out, guide I have had since 1980 something..

find the bird in it...then play on the i pad, look at photos, listen to its call. Now I have to admit, the listening to the call helps when I can't see the bird well...other than that , old trusty paper book is the best for ID-ing..

OK. Hidden picture time!

Trying out the continuous shoot on a flock of pigeons, didn't get them but got the cloud pigeon...see

(hint...wing and tail left side of picture)

and an owl with its wings spread, bat signal, moth...what else do you see?

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