Friday, August 10, 2012

More Fair... I love fair time!

Ventura County Fair runs for a week and a half. This week the 4-H , FFA and Grange kids have their market animals at the fair . Today was auction day. I wondered around and snapped some photos before going to the livestock area.

Dahlia's in the floral culture building

One lucky fellow!


A mini steer, a new division added to the fair this year 

4-Hr's waiting to get beef h'orderves to serve in the auction arena.

A 4-Hr, doing what I love most, talking to the public about their animal...these kids are wonderful!

heading to the auction ring.

I love to listen to this fellow!


  1. I miss the fair!!
    Did you enter anything?

  2. Just my rabbits this year, no jam or baked goods or flowers. Msybe next year.

  3. I love the fair too. I have not made it to one yet this year. I think I need to map out the county fairs and see if I can do something silly like hit them all in the same year. :-) Of course the state fair is coming...