Monday, August 27, 2012

Fall is creeping closer.

Fall doesn't fall here, you know arrive all at once, boom! It creeps in. Some of our hottest days of the years can be in the coming month of September. "Fall" color may arrive in December.

so how do i know it is on the way, well it is in the angle of the sun,

The sun light is golden at times, the grass is drying and a few leaves are down,

Flowers going to seed,

The leaves at the top of the cottonwood trees are a yellow green,

Acorns cover the oak trees and are starting to drop,

I hear the acorn woodpeckers in the trees, they used to store their acorns in the huge oak trees in the park, see the holes. then the moved to the wooden utility poles.

this spring the wooden poles were replaced with metal poles, I don't know where Woodie and his sore beaked clan are going to store their acorns this year.

Yep, fall is on the way.


  1. Had a frost this morning here, and knew it was time! The cranes were calling each other.

    Nice pictures from your walk!

  2. Poetic post! I love our SoCal Falls!