Friday, July 13, 2012

Mrs. Finch

Some of you may know a pair of house finches built a nest just outside my window this spring. I have been watching them raise their family along side the humming bird family who built their nest 3 feet away from the finches.

Mr and Mrs Finch were on there second clutch of the season,  This week I did not see Mrs Finch's little brown head pop up from inside the nest when Lycra man and I went out to feed and water the rabbits. I watched the nests , no momma at noon, no momma at dusk. I thought well maybe I just missed her.

I watched the nest for 3 days, no Mrs Finch. I could hear Mr. Finch singing, yesterday I saw him visit the nest, more like a touch and go, he came a couple of times, but no Mrs. Finch.

I decided to climb up and take a look, maybe something happened to the babies, maybe something broke the eggs. The nest is built in such a place I have to poke my camera in and take a picture to see whats happening.

Three nice eggs. I think something has happened to Mrs Finch. I don't know what Mr Finch will do as finches pair up in the winter and stay together through a breeding season.

Life is fragile, and I think even more fragile for the wild things. 

Mrs Finch, taken in March when she was building her nest.

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